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I started this blog with some inspiration from a close personal friend after a bout of employment ending due to an unforeseeable illness. I left feeling upset about being forced into my decision and what exactly I would do next with all my time  had not a clue. So as a means to an end of feeling that way, I decided I’d take up writing some stuff down and then typing it in here. Eventually I suppose there’ll be something new everyday. As for the now I take things one day at a time and as they come.

When you visit my blog I hope that you know that I don’t specifically aim to hurt or offend anyone. I have been referred to as aggressive, sarcastic and even a little mean at times and perhaps that might spill out into my writing. I like to think I’m just misunderstood (aren’t we all?) and hopefully I’ll make this experience a chance to clarify points without any implied labels being misplaced upon me. I’ll probably write about things that make life uncomfortable for me at times but hopefully just hearing the personal stories will help or influence someone to take a step they may have never taken.

In any event I hope that you will come back from time to time to see what’s going on with Jennifer Marie and what’s in that brain of mine! If you’d like to leave feedback please feel free to anytime and If you have questions there’s a “Contact” section at the top of every page that you can click on.

Yours Truly,

Jennifer Marie


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